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Verified Views for Planning

What are Verified Views? 

Verified views, also known as Accurate Visual Representations (AVRs) or Visually Verified Montages (VVMS), are extremely accurate computer generated high quality photomontages or visualisations of proposed developments. Verified Photomontages are used to illustrate the proposed visual impact as part of environmental impact assessments (EIAs) or Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIAs) of an architectural development and can be a pivotal factor in helping to secure successful planning outcomes.
Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) will request verified views when dealing with contentious sites. Specifically in London, the London View Management Framework (LVMF), a planning guidance publication about the London Plan issued by The GLA (The Greater London Authority and The Mayor Of London) dictates future development with the use of "viewing corridoors" which protect views to historic buildings and landmarks.


Types of Verified View


How we ensure photomontage accuracy

Verification is provided through the use of fixed survey points and the capture of detailed information about camera position, along with settings within the 3D model and verified architectural photography which all ensure the highest levels of accuracy.

Compare our photomontages to the final build

This short video demonstrates the accuracy of our AVR Methodology and camera matching process. You can see in this video how incredibly close our verified photomontages align with the final built form when finished on site.  Robust accurate photomontages give you peace of mind.


The Verified View production process from start to finish


1. View Selection
Potential views are chosen by the architects, developers and/or local planning authority. We request a view location plan with accompanying preview photography for guidance to locate the requested viewpoints.

2. Photography & Survey

Our specialist architectural photographer & survey team visit the site and capture high resolution baseline images and record camera settings, geographical information and survey reference points to ensure pinpoint accuracy.

3. Camera matching
In our studio, the baseline photographic images and survey data with camera locations (GPS data) are imported alongside the 3D building model so that we can place ‘virtual cameras’ into the scene with point to point levels of accuracy to reflect precise viewpoints.







4. Modelling and texturing

Using the client's 3D building model (or creating our own if modelling from CAD) we import the finalised model into Studio Max software, check and align it to ensure correct positioning. We apply materials to the model using photo references and the architect signs off the model, and materials before moving into post production.

5. Post Production

Utilising Photoshop and associated software, we create the final photomontage images showing the extent of the proposed built environment accurately positioned within the key viewpoints.

6. Final Image
Drafts are submitted at various stages to the client for comment. Once all images are signed off, we issue a final image package with high resolution files.

7. Methodology Document

We issue a comprehensive methodology document detailing our process and recording key information from camera and survey, together with final images for all viewpoints in accordance with industry best practice.*

* The Landscape Institute Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment: 3rd edition (April 2013); Landscape Institute Advice Note (January 2011) Photography and Photomontage in Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment and where appropriate, London Plan 2011 Implementation Framework (March 2012) London View Management Framework Supplementary Planning Guidance: Appendix C: Accurate Visual Representations.
Reasons to commission Realm
  • Potentially inaccurate and inconsistent representations can lead to planning refusals, delays and potentially costly redesigns
  • We have over 18 years' experience in architectural verified view production, at the forefront of industry best practice (evidenced by post-build photographic comparisons)
  • Experts in architectural visualisation with possibly the best team of verified view practitioners in the UK
  • An recognised CPD provider for ‘The Verifiable Planning Process’ educational seminar  
  • We offer a comprehensive pre and post-submission support service including expert witness provision for Public Inquiries
  • Full service offering from initial view scoping through to support materials for public consultation

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