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Marketing CGIs

High quality architectural visualisation requires a good quality 3d model and realistic building textures rendered with appropriate light settings for each scene.  For marketing CGI’s highly skilled CGI artists paint life into scenes with artistic flare using a combination of 3d renders and Photoshop techniques.
Applying photographic principals, we help our clients select the most appropriate viewpoints from virtual cameras within each scene. If you require extremely accurate photomontage views we recommend Verified Views or AVRs.



3d Architectural Rendering 

Our in house team create beautiful CGIs and realistic photomontages to simulate future environments, explore design concepts or to help you get through planning, sell off plan and market your development or destination.  We can work with 3d models supplied to us in any format such as 3ds Max, SketchUp, and Revit (often used as part of the BIM Building Informational Modelling process). We produce our 3d architectural models and renderings in house using the latest versions of 3ds Max, Vray, Nuke and Photoshop, as well as a multitude of plugins.


Interior scenes are usually fully modelled in 3ds Max and lend themselves to 360 views or immersive and or interactive environments. See our Virtual Reality page for more information. Where possible we capture location photography and apply external scenes to windows to demonstrate actual views on different floors.  We also create 2d or 3d floor plans and site plans for brochures and online sales.

High Resolution Base Photography

The starting point in the production of a great photomontage is to capture a high resolution base photograph from the best vantage point capturing points of reference for the viewer.
Depending on requirements, we might use ground level or aerial, drone photography, panoramic photography or a combination of one or more.  We work with a selection of the best professional architectural photographers in the industry and deliver consistently great results.



Lighting each Scene - Day, Dusk and Night

Lighting and rendering the scene is incredibly important and allows you to transform your scene from day to dusk to night, or create different moods or experiences.  There are many settings and factors to take into account including light refraction, natural or artificial light, internal or external light. 
Light and shadow studies for planning submissions are a specialist skill.  Please talk to us if you need help.  


Post Production

CGI’s and animations for marketing are developed in post-production to add depth of field, more subtle lighting or to add people or objects to the scene  using multiple layers within Photoshop or Nuke. We can start with a base photograph and add CGI, ghosted or photographic people to the scene.  Here are some examples of our post production work for London 2012 Olympics, Glasgow 2014 where the focus is on the live action and the venue and the built environment becomes the backdrop to the scene.



Landscape Architects use CGI to show soft and hard landscaping proposals

Landscapes can be beautiful, artistic or practical in nature and when represented well can transform decisions made about proposals for the quality of the public realm. 
We help clients show the transformation of hard and soft landscapes within a scene through different seasons from Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. For cumulative schemes we might also demonstrate phased developments over time. We hold a vast library of shrubs and plants and can show these with different stages of planting and maturity.  




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