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Brighton 3Ts, BDP

Brighton 3Ts Hospital, BDP verified view exterior shot at night
Brighton 3Ts Hospital Case study
Brighton 3Ts Hospital Aerial rooftop CGI looking south towards the sea with emergency helicopter. BDP development.
Brighton 3Ts Hospital Fully rendered verified view of the exterior looking north. BDP development.
Brighton 3Ts Hospital Fully rendered verified view of the exterior. BDP development.
Brighton 3Ts Hospital montage of CGI images. BDP development.
Brighton 3Ts Hospital night time verified view looking north towards the site to show the impact on the horizon at night. BDP development.
Brighton 3Ts Hospital, BDP CGI image of the interior to shoe an indicative ward scenario
Brighton 3Ts Hospital Aerial CGI looking south towards the sea. BDP development.
Brighton and Hove City Council has announced that it will grant planning permission for the redevelopment of the Royal Sussex County Hospital site. The existing buildings, some over 200 years old, are amongst the oldest in the NHS, with cramped wards, inadequate clinical areas and limited public spaces. Commissioning us to create the 37 verified views, this was the largest and most complex application that BDP’s planning team has undertaken to date.  
The subsequent exercise was to create 48 public space CGIs to demonstrate to stakeholders the visual impact of the proposed interior and exterior upgrades. We also made an animation to showcase the buildings themselves which is our biggest hit to date on Youtube!

"After attending their CPD on 'The Verifiable Planning Process', we commissioned Realm to work with us on Brighton 3Ts, creating 48 verifiable fully rendered photomontages with cumulative schemes and ZVTI imagery. Throughout the duration of the project, the BDP team found Realm to be diligent, proactive, responsive and professional. It was a perfect example of how collaboration between a design practice and a visualisation agency should work. Thank you so much for turning the project around quickly, we were thrilled with the results - you really pulled out all the stops."
Tessa O’Neill, Planning Director, BDP


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