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What do we need from you?

We are always keen to create Verified Views for our clients. Planning submissions and applications are always so complex and we hope our way of working and friendly service contribute smoothly to the process. 


We have set requirements for what we need in order to create our verified views so here's a list to highlight the most important components you will be asked to share with us: 


VLP: We need a view location plan to inform where each photograph and survey should be positioned - we are happy with a KMZ file, CAD file or something beautifully hand drawn as long as the location is marked and direction of view clear. Preview photography is always extremely useful, especially if specific context needs to be captured in each view.

AVR type: We need to know which type of verified view is required for each photomontage - do you need wirelines for an outline planning submission or fully rendered views for a full application? Do you need to show planners what the view will accurately offer from each location or just the massing?

Modelling: There are two options for verified views, either we can import a fully detailed building model and align this using a ground floor plan in Ordnance Survey space, checked alongside AOD spot heights, or we can import CAD plans, sections and elevations and model the building in house.

Materials: Using a material schedule and reference imagery, we can apply material textures for fully rendered views to accurately represent the designs.


Landscape: It is likely for fully rendered views the building/s will sit on a landscape so we will need CAD and any terrain models/CAD available to model the surrounding area

Planting: Using a planting plan or tree removal plan, we can create planting in both fully rendered and wireline formats.  Reference imagery is also essential here, to ensure species and heights are accurate.


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